The Wolf of Wall Street Review

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Scarface and Hugh Hefner had a lovechild. And they named him Jordan Belfort.

A brilliant movie by a brilliant director this. Scorcese engages us from the word go and does so with such finesse, you can’t take your eyes off the screen for one fucking second. The movie revolves around the rise and fall (mostly rise) of our protagonist, Jordan Belfort along with his team of ragtag stock brokers, and the associating debauchery. And boy, is it good.

Fine performances by the entire cast which includes Jonah Hill, Rob Reiner, Margot Robbie and Jon Favreau (to name a few). Even Matthew McConaughey shines beautifully in his brief role. But this is Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie through and through. He breezes through the movie, guns a blazing with unabashed gusto. Snorting Cocaine, popping pills and getting his faces right. He surpasses all his previous roles and delivers his best performance ever, hands down.

The movie is beautifully adapted from the novel and has sharp dialogues, with a crisply paced script, thanks to Terrance Winter. It could have done with a better leading lady though and a sharper background score ( Even though Mrs. Robinson is perfectly timed).

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie we deserve. And most importantly, something Dicaprio deserves to get his hands on that coveted Oscar. It doesn’t matter if he wins it or not (I hope he does, I have money riding on it) because he is on a career high with this one. Watch it for the love of cinema. Watch it for its superb direction. Watch it for its sheer honesty and ingenuity in a time when theaters are shelving out bullshit one week after another.

Next stop, American Hustle.Image