Why the Indian LGBT community has every right to celebrate the SCOTUS decision

Brain Clutter

By now, everyone’s aware that the rainbow-colored profile pictures serenading the social media are thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriages in the USA.
As a normal human being, you can have but two reactions to this news:
1. You support it or 2. You don’t.

But then again, a rare breed of assholes in India has found a third way to deal with the news. Case in point:


Okay yes, I am aware that I am a citizen of India – a developing nation that still has archaic marriage laws, a country that criminalizes unnatural sex (which basically means gay sex), and a country run by bigots for most parts. But that is precisely why we should celebrate the momentous victory that America witnessed. Because 50 years ago, America was not too different from India. Racism was still pretty prevalent and homosexuals were beaten up every now and then to scare them shitless. But they didn’t stop fighting. No sir. They kept at it till the homophobes were outnumbered by supporters of marriage equality. And if America, with all its imperfections, could win this battle, then I don’t see why my country can’t.

The very fact that men and women of all genders and sexual orientations all across India showed their support should be enough proof that this nation is progressing. It isn’t there yet. It will get there one day. And in the meanwhile, all we can do is keep rallying on. ‘Help the flames spread’ to make it more metaphorical. The news about the legalization itself traveled far and wide in record time, and the whole world was just “happy”. The rainbow took over all means of communication. For the next one hour or so, everything stopped being depressing, and in the true sense of the term, the whole world was “gay”.

And hopeful.

And that’s what matters. Hope – something Obama promised, and to an extent, delivered. Everyone has played their power cards and this where we stand. We are all aware of the reality. And we are far from happy. We are angry, disgruntled, betrayed and eventually, pretty darn depressed. But for that one moment, when Americans fought for love and sanity, they raised their hopes. Because hope runs the world and more than love, hope won on June 26, 2015.

This proves that all is not lost with the world. There is still hope, and as long as some of that’s around, we’ll get by just fine…

So either support the war against inequality or shut the fuck up.

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