The Stage. [POEM]


poem the stage- filmventurous

With muddled thoughts, a song I write
Of things that shine through my memory.
Love and life, and all in sight,
corrupted by these fallacies.

The life I’ve lived, it has been true.
The stage is set, but where are you?
I look around and look beyond,
hoping a glimpse would trump my plight.
Alas, the rope was cut too soon,
A mangled corpse, I gasp for breath.
A sliver of light is what you were,
among the shadows of my past.
But blinded by the flash I stood,
before the blade that cut through you.
The glimmer in your eyes has gone,
A sorry mess of what you were.
My life, my war, is over now.
Beyond this stage, I’ll follow you.

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