Bill Hicks – Dead for 20 years, still funny as hell.

Brain Clutter

Today, 26th of February, 2014 marks the 20th death anniversary of one of the finest comedians in the history of mankind, Bill Hicks.

Bill Hicks epitomized the voices of an entire generation. A generation sick and tired of dirty politics, trying to break away from the chains of commercialization in the face of a global meltdown. He spoke out openly against politicians, pop stars, hypocritical Christians and self righteous douchebags.

Hicks was a genius. Yes he was. His matter was dark and rife with satire. Needless to say, his material was way ahead of its time. That’s why people swear by his ingenuity even today.

Notably called the dark poet, an underground comedy rockstar, a voice of reason, he was voted number 4 among the best comedians of all time.

The man struggled with censorship for a major part of his career. All he wanted to do was get the truth out there, make people think. When told that people don’t go to stand-up shows to think, he plainly replied, “Then where do you go to think? I’ll meet you halfway there.” Bill Hicks was constantly snubbed by the audiences in America, while he became a synonymous name in the rest of the world. He was a prophet, a messiah who was rejected on his own home ground.

Even while he was undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer, Bill kept on working and was more productive than ever, until the cancer finally claimed his life. He was 32, and definitely had lots more to offer.

So, taking a leaf from his book, I’d like to say, “fuck all the meaningless obituaries of people too scared to embrace life, this man right here is what legends are made of. This is an humble ode to the best talent in stand-up comedy there ever was.

Yes, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and the ilk paved the way for smarter comedy, but Bill Hicks shall ever go down in my memory as the man who established comedy as a medium to bring truth to the forefront, no holds barred.

And I am pretty sure, he is up there in heaven smoking it up with, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and St. Peter.


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